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reading tiger

Fairyland's summer camp program gets a gold star for proactively asking about Simone's preferred pronoun and suchlike with nary a hint of discomfort. (They also asked if she would be uncomfortable if other kids asked "are you a girl or a boy?" and I told them "no, she'll be happy to just tell them -- and she will often tell them even if they don't ask...")


That's awesome, bodes well. But how did they know to ask? Was there something on a form you filled out to trigger the question?

Btw, what does April think about gender? Interested, uninterested, other?

Oh yes, when I filled out the registration/emergency form I noted that "Simone identifies as a girl and a boy."

April is of the firm conviction that she is a girl but has a very expansive understanding of what that means. She has her own creative style that encompasses pirates, dinosaurs, sharks, superheroes, Goth signifiers, and all things sparkly.
I love the way you raise and respect both of them.