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reading tiger

in other news, mostly kitten-related

1. The kittens have new names: Crook and Rose. Mostly "kitty" and "kitty," though. They have been flea'd. One has had their claws trimmed. All procedures have been remarkably easy to accomplish. I am not used to having compliant cats.

2. Like my children, Rose and Crook look similar (to some eyes), but are actually very different personality-wise. Crook is larger and less active, and also more trusting. He's a big love bug, in fact. Rose is louder and more timid, but also more assertive. And I think also more curious. He eats first, but only because she's too cautious to start. And then since he's bigger, he's harder to push aside. But she manages. She wins most of their play-fights.

3. Rose is the one with the spot on her chin. She also has dark spots in the corner of her eyes. Crook's got his tail crook, and also his face is narrower.

4. The kids are in Circus Arts camp this week. Full-time! They are some tired little creatures when they come home, I'll say. Hopefully blinging out cardboard cut-outs of horses and learning to juggle will have been worth it for them.

5. I am a tired little creature, too.