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reading tiger

Reading Wednesday, It's a Tradition

I think I am the only person on my f-list who still does this Reading Wednesday thing regularly, but so be it. I like it. It works for me.

Apropos of this, my children let me know yesterday, indirectly but clearly, that they more or less never see me reading a book. "Who do you think reads all the books in this house, then?" I asked, and they shrugged bashfully. But it's true. I read in the bathroom, I read when they're asleep or out of the house. If I were That Kind of Parent I would be worried about what I am modeling for my children now, but I'm mostly amused.

This week I read most of Lucius Shepard's "Two Trains Running." I should be done with it by tomorrow, I think. It seems that I am going to be reading small, slim books for a little while. I can't imagine why.


I used to think my Dad didn't work because he left the house and was gone all day.