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reading tiger

Reading Wednesday

I am nearly finished with Blood, Marriage, Wine and Glitter and thinking thinky thoughts, mostly about personal writing and my relationship to it.

I've also been spending quality time with my cookbooks, notably the revised edition of Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone. Also Anthony Bourdain's Les Halles Cookbook -- I obtained my own replacement copy after Steven departed with his. Bourdain's writing is always entertaining, and he's way smarter (and, more importantly, more thoughtful) than I think he often gets credit for. He's got both flash and depth. Am I jealous? Only occasionally.


I love Bourdain's recipe for choucroute garnie, even though I dislike sauerkraut. Oh -- and your HTML is slightly borked.
So many italics tags...fixed.
I realized there was more to him after watching the episode of Parts Unknown where he went to Jerusalem, and questioned his hosts, who were Jewish, Muslim, Palestinian, Israeli, etc. about the wall going up, relations between the different religions and people, questioned his Zionist hosts about anti-Muslim graffiti on a nearby house, and asked everyone if they think the conflict will end in their lifetime. It was the most informative thing I've ever taken in on the political and cultural situation in that part of the world.