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reading tiger

Let's Get Back to the Miscellaneous List

1. I accidentally typoed my username as "pantryslaw" while logging in a minute ago. I am more pleased by this than I should be.

2. April lost her first tooth on Saturday, after a protracted battle. Finally, after eating her way through a box of popsicles among other things, G. tied a length of floss around the tooth, handed the tail to April, and told her to yank. She did. Pop! That's right, my baby is so badass she pulled her own tooth out. The tooth fairy rewarded her with a dollar coin, a sticker and, to honor the milestone of losing her very first tooth, a shark's-tooth pendant.

3. School's out! I was going to celebrate by taking the kids down the hill to lunch at Holy Land and then to the library, but I forgot that U.S. v. Ghana is this afternoon. So instead, we're hanging out at home and we'll do the library trip on Thursday. Especially as April declared the plan "the best day ever!" I like kids who are easy to please. Although not patient: April is now lying on the couch moaning about the change of plans. Thursday is so far away!

4. I am doing absolutely nothing for Pride season. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. It's kind of liberating.


I hope Ghana wins.
Shark tooth pendant is such a great gift for the first tooth.

I'm enjoying the queer art stuff and yet am a little envious. Maybe next year.