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My kids graduated from Kindergarten (or, in the parlance of the school, "stepped up" to first grade) yesterday. Between that and April's loose tooth and all, I am really feeling, not the passage of time, exactly, but the weight of their growing up.

The ceremony was both sweet and effective, and it ended with the fourth and fifth graders singing "Happy" while the audience clapped along and danced.

We celebrated with a meal at Homeroom (I gave them a choice between Fenton's and HR and it's true, they chose mac and cheese over ice cream), and now they're getting two movies in two days. Meanwhile, I am planning daytime summer outings again. Suggestions welcome, though keep in mind I don't drive.


We're thinking of going to a Sacramento River Cats game using only public transportation. And a hotel. Mostly theoretical at this stage.

My suggestions are Alameda Centric, but here's a list

Crown Beach/Crab Cove. If the kids have bikes (that go on AC Transit) there is a place you can rent an adult trike at Southshore. Ride the Ferry back and forth from JLS to Pier 41 to see the sea lions. Exploratorium. Free Museums day in both SF and Oakland. Seward Street Slides. Japanese Tea Garden. Carousel in GGPark. Paddleboats at Lake Merritt. Street Fair Season. Fairyland, before they age out of interest. Slot car racing and cheap Thai food on Park Street. Lincoln Park is where my colleagues with kids about that age hang out, esp the pool. The Alameda 4th of July parade and jamboree.

I can help with clippercard value if need be, PM me to coordinate.