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reading tiger

harassment addenda

I keep forgetting to mention that my three harassers had a Greek Chorus behind me: two teenaged girls, one of whom kept repeating *every damn line* one of the boys said. So the ringleader would say something like "look, she have, like, four necks" and the girl behind me would giggle and say "he say she have four necks" to her apparently hard-of-hearing friend. Sometimes the friend would say something like "stop it, that's wrong" through her own giggles, and sometimes she would just giggle without comment. It really took all my restraint not to turn on them and say something like "are you his own personal echo chamber or what?" but I ultimately decided that avoiding escalation is the greater part of valor.

I also keep forgetting to mention I wasn't the only target, just the main target. There was also a man with a tennis racket (thus also taking up extra space) and very timid body language who apparently attempted to talk back to the kids at some point, so they took a short break from me to terrorize him instead. The strangely fascinating bit of this was that they spent a lot of time asking him sarcastically, "did you have a hard childhood? Were you bullied?" But they never tried that on me. I admit I am curious as to why that might be.

Eventually they decided I was his girlfriend, and that allowed them to shift the rhetoric back to me.


See, that's a situation where, because I'm a bad person, I get the authorities involved. In Chicago bus drivers are less tolerant of that stuff because the cops respond rather quickly and they will call them.
Yeah. OPD would show up two days late and shoot someone random to make it look like they're doing something.
Sorry to hear about all this! Reminds me of a time decades ago when I was on the T, being harassed by boys -- they were doing it softly, kind of just for me. It was awful -- and I just sat there, but when it came time to get out, they had to say excuse me to get by me, and I didn't move, so one of them had to kind of jump over me. That was my response, but it was just so ugly all around.