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reading tiger

(this is essentially x-posted from Facebook, with a few minor changes. If you saw it there, feel free to skip it here.)

Yesterday I spent a half hour standing on the bus (which was an hour late), being relentlessly harassed by three teenage boys. Most of the time they concentrated on the fact that I am fat, although they spent some time also making fun of my shoes (which, for some reason, looked like rain boots to them?!).

The excuse they found for this treatment was that I had asked people -- as sweetly as I could muster -- to move down please, because nearly two dozen people were trying to board this bus. I'm not allowed to ask this, apparently, because I am fat and thus I take up too much space on a crowded bus to advocate for other people.

Fat-related taunts never really change. (Or: if I am going to have to listen to this crap for a solid half hour, at least *try* to be creative?) Fast food, exercise, and speculations about my sex life. Also that I look like Peter Griffin, which, well.

My harassers were also blocking the back exit to the bus, so I had to strategize how I was going to get past them. I seriously contemplated riding all the way to Eastmont because I knew they were getting off there if not before. I finally found my solution: I pushed the button, looked them dead in the eye and said, with extra exaggeration on the first word, "Ladies, this is my stop."

For this I was told I "look like a man," which, again, well. But they moved aside, telling each other I was a dyke and, man, she held her tongue for the whole bus ride and then listen to her. And then they tried one last taunt: "But seriously, tell us something. How do you fit that roll in your pants?"

And I answered, "Baby, baby. Listen close." Beat. "Grow a dick, and you'll find out."

And I got off that goddamned bus.


Those are really awesome shoes.

The people are the worst thing about public transportation, so much of the time.
Seconding that… 'round here, it's the offspring of Russian mobsters that are the ugly side of public transit. Some of them give me the shivers...
Like a boss.