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reading tiger

Reading Wednesday

Les Mis progress:

688 / 755 (91.13%)

Javert, unable to accommodate an understanding of the world where the law could be fallible, a convict kind, a policeman in error --unable to encompass a higher authority than the human system of justice he serves -- has just taken his fatal plunge into the Seine. That's one way to resolve a moral and existential crisis.


I just. That was awful.
(The scene, I hope you mean?)
Yes! Not your summary ;) The scene was heartbreaking. Again. That book just made me cry so many times. (Grantaire, Gavroche ...) and that was just one more. I really thought he and Valjean could work it out.
Even I exclaimed "Poor Javert" while reading this scene, and that's a phrase I never expected to utter.