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reading tiger


"Which is not to say escapism is bad. Only that regressive escapism is a tool used by fascists to try and produce a controlled and loyal populace. See also every creator that has ever gotten a death threat for some random thing they’ve done in a Spider-man book. That is brain washing at its finest. Corporations love nostalgia because it’s the least threatening way to subdue the consumer in a braindead loyal till death do you part kind of way. Buying a batman comic is not fundamentally any different in function than buying a batman lunchbox."



Reading this just instantly makes me think of that post by Nick reviewing the high lit book as if it were a genre one.

Granted, most DC/Marvel work is stinky corporate crap. But what about those who approach new work with minimal to no knowledge of what came before, or not expecting a repeat of "positive memories you have of the very best of the x-men stories". Does this not indicate the problem - or even fault - may lie in the reader as much as the art.

I mean one can argue any escapist culture, or most culture, arises from prior culture and takes its pleasures from childish or teenage impulse. Even if it's being part of the cool clique consuming product branded as "aspirational or challenging". Insider or out, so many cultural objects exist in relation to public or private social institutions and render the consumer subservient.

I certainly don't mean to indict only comics by posting this quote.