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reading tiger

Wednesday Reading

Les Mis progress:

580 / 755 (76.82%)

The barricade has been built and Javert has been unmasked as a police spy in the shortest time imaginable, especially for this book. Enjorlas has executed the man who shot a porter, because "insurrection must have its discipline. [...] we are under the eyes of the Revolution, we are priests of the Republic, we are the victims of duty, and [it] must not be possible to slander our combat." A few paragraphs later the man is revealed as a police informant and outside agitator. So there.

I also spent a good chunk of time this week reading Nigel Slater's Notes from the Larder, also known as The Kitchen Diaries Part 2. The first Kitchen Diaries remains one of my favorite food writing/recipe books ever, and I am enjoying this installment a great deal as well.


have you read Laurie Colwin? her food writing was my gateway to a lifelong love of food writing. i'll check out the Slater.
I have! I love Laurie Colwin.

Start with Kitchen Diaries with Slater, I think. He also wrote a very good memoir called Toast.