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reading tiger

Unbecoming MILF is tomorrow!

I'm debuting my one-person show tomorrow at the Center for Sex and Culture!

Details are here: http://www.sexandculture.org/post/83544367238/unbecoming-milf-confessions-and-complaints-of-a

Blurb is below:

Unbecoming MILF: Confessions and Complaints of a Bi Butch Breeder
May 10, 7:30 pm.
$5-20 sliding scale, no-one turned away.
A benefit for
the Center for Sex and Culture.

On Mother’s Day Eve, self-described “bi butch breeder” Lori Selke will smash through the myths of sex and motherhood and take on her archetypal enemy the MILF in a one-woman multimedia death match.

I am busy wrestling last-minute props and TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES but it should be a fun show.


Heeee!!! Break a leg and have a great time!