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reading tiger

Les Mis Progress (Reading Wednesday)

Slowly but surely.

552 / 755 (73.11%)

Marius has visited his grandfather for the last time -- another cracking scene, I must say. If for no other reason than that Hugo does not force a reconciliation between these two. Love doesn't win out, the grandfather remains an asshole in action despite the tenderness in his heart toward Marius, everyone is unhappy and nobody gets what they want.

And now the riots of 1832 have broken out over Paris.

Victor Hugo proves that certain* people have acted a certain way in disasters for nearly 200 years:

"About six o'clock in the evening, the Passage du Saumon became the field of battle The uprising was at one end, the troops were at the other. An observer, a dreamer, the author of this book, who had gone to get a near view of this volcano, found himself in the passage between the two fires. All that he had to protect him from the bullets was the swell of the two half-columns which separate the shops; he remained in this delicate situation for nearly half an hour."

* "certain" being code here for, basically, "young, dumb, and privileged." You can do the rest of the decoding, I'm sure.