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reading tiger

I Have a Weekend Update

1. Went to the last East Oakland Playdate at Youth Uprising; the organizer needs to step back and take a break. I will miss these events a lot. My kids were about to age out so I knew the end was coming, but I am still a little sad.

2. Went to the annual "LGBT Family Day" at the Berkeley YMCA. For the kids, this event is all about the bouncy house and the pool. They still have temporary tattoos all over their arms saying things like "I love my two moms."

3. The kids went to see "Rio 2" with Uncle Bear Daddy after a friend of mine gave the movie a thumbs up, "if for no other reason than the opening scene, which is set on a beach full of brown people. Different shades of brown people, too."

4. Made a nice chicken salad for Sunday dinner that I should probably write down, except it goes something like "mix short pasta and cooked diced chicken and lightly cooked peas with a dressing made of a large quantity of green garlic, finely minced parsley, some yogurt, some mayonnaise, s&p, some cider vinegar, and then a dollop of garlic herb cheese spread to correct the overly sharp taste of the dressing thanks to using too much vinegar. It also adds body. Go you!" Yeah, that kind of cooking. It was pretty delicious in the end.

5. Simone was so tired on Sunday that she took a two-hour nap on the couch. No signs of illness, she was just worn out. Always nice to know it's possible. April, however, remains the Energizer Bunny.