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reading tiger

Reading Wednesday

Les Mis Progress:

531 / 755 (70.33%)

Honestly, I slowed down this time because I read the scene with Eponine guarding the gate of Valjean's little house, with Marius and Cosette obliviously cooing in the garden, about three times over. I think this may be my favorite so far. "I shall be hungry this summer, and I shall be cold this winter. Aren't they ridiculous, these ninnies of men, to think they can scare a girl. I ain't afraid of anything, I ain't! What do I care if I'm picked up tomorrow morning on the pavement of the Rue Plumet, killed by the blows of my father's club, or whether I'm found a year from now in the nets at Saint-Claud or the Isle of Swans in the midst of rotten old corks and drowned dogs? I have only to cry out, and people will come, and then slap, bang! There are six of you; I represent the whole world." False bravado mostly, but a great show.


This is a pleasure to read about.
How much I love Eponine.