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reading tiger

Highlights So Far

I tried to write up a convincing discussion of my current alienation from parentdom as regards educational goals and ideals but I fell down on the job.

In the meantime I am spending time earning money (short-term contract), signing the kids up for summer camps, negotiating the terms of my divorce and enjoying the weather. Did I mention I was diagnosed with a vitamin D deficiency a while back? I think I did. It turns out to be rather mild as these things go, upon further investigation. I'm taking my supplements and risking the no-sunscreen look.

I also cleaned out my closet today. I have a lot of shoes to give away.


Glad to hear you're doing OK. And I'd love to read that piece you mention, if you get to write it (in your copious spare time, of course).
It mostly had to do with the unconscious glorification of rustic, rural, "natural" spaces for educating children, and who gets to inhabit those spaces and who doesn't (and who notices, and who doesn't). Basically, I can't get past my own snark reflex to deconstruct it with the attention to detail it deserves.