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reading tiger

Half a Weekend Update

I am peopled out today. Not in a bad way.

First, there was dim sum with anarqueso and a huge gaggle of friends. We took up two big tables and at least three small satellite tables. April and Simone both tried duck the first time, but they didn't like it. More for me.

Afterwards, we retired to South Park for about an hour. I don't think I've ever been, and black_pearl_10 noted that the park probably had more dogs than children, but that just meant it was pleasantly uncrowded.

Then G. dropped me off in Berkeley to attend a focus group on genderqueer parents for someone's thesis project. Three hours later he came to pick me up and we decided to save grocery shopping for tomorrow and head home.

In the back yard, our upstairs neighbors were having a party. The kids opened our kitchen windows, danced to the music and waved at the guests, and eventually were invited to come down and hang out and eat fruit and pizza and candy. I had a lovely extended chat with the nice neighbor who also gave me a ride home the other day from the garden store with a bag of "finely aged" chicken manure in tow.

In other words, it was nonstop social interaction from about 10 to 7 or so, until I left to fry up some fish and chips for dinner. This is a lot for introverted work-at-home me. I am v. out of practice. But it was kinda nice, even if I am also thankful for the several hours of quiet after-bedtime-time I've had since the kids went down.

I am also also thankful I don't have to do this every day.