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reading tiger

Odd Job Listing Coincidence

NORC is hiring in San Francisco.

When I was in Chicago, I used to work for NORC. It was my first full-time position out of college, working on a higher education coding project. (Also my third; they hired me again for a different study that used the same coding system. I got the re-hire by standing behind my old supervisor in the Hyde Park Food Co-op checkout line.) I also lived across the street from their secondary office (i.e. the survey center) on 55th Street. Shortest commute ever.

When I first saw the listing I thought it must be another NORC. But no. Apparently they have an SF office now. Also one in Bethesda.

Alas, I am not qualified this time around.


they gave me my first non-editorial job--that's how i wound up doing financial stuff. you might give them a try to see if they have any ASM positions or something--what the hell.