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reading tiger

I think spring is here, because I went a little crazy at the farmer's market yesterday. Now, "a little crazy" means I bought a couple tomato plants, a bunch of baby artichokes, a bag of brussels sprouts, a small package of beef cheeks and another of oxtails. Plus some oranges and strawberries, the latter of which were my ostensible target.

In other words, I think I am a little sick of eating dark leafy greens.

The kids and I had a lovely walk down to spring break cooking camp this morning. Lots of birds on the telephone wires and on the sidewalk in front of us -- we counted at least five mourning doves within a hop-skip of us, plus a possible woodpecker. Tons of flowers in bloom, and we had to pause to pull off poppy hats. The dew was still on the ground (and one cedar bench) in the shady parts of the street.

At cooking camp drop-off, Simone demonstrated her confidence and self-advocacy skills when shown the bathrooms:

Simone: "I'm going to use the boy's bathroom because I'm a boy."

Cooking Instructor: "No you're not."

Simone: "Yes I am."

Instructor: "OK, then."

Simone: "Some boys have clitorises. That's what I've learned."

Instructor: "I didn't know that."

Simone: "Well, it's true."

After drop-off, I went to the garden store and bought soil amendment and some seeds and starters. I plan on gardening with the kids tomorrow, when there's no camp. I got a ride home from my upstairs neighbor when he saw me waiting for the bus. So I didn't have to haul a large bag of chicken manure home on public transit. Huzzah!

Finely aged chicken manure, mind you.


go Simone!