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reading tiger

just for the record

I was a sexual deviant (i.e. queer) employed at a day care during the McMartin Preschool era -- the false recovered memories of ritual Satanic sexual abuse case. It was a really deeply frightening time to be in that position. I pretend it was all roses and cupcakes because I really enjoyed my job and I had a very supportive network around me. But one reason among many I didn't pursue it (or any education) as a career is not just the general moral panics that regularly accompany the topic of people with incompletely private sex lives teaching children :P, but that specific case.

Watching apologists use that time, that case, that specific sexual panic to assuage their minds about the prevalence of childhood sexual abuse in general and/or dismiss the stories of adult survivors, makes me see so much red you don't even want to know.

(Because I am also a survivor, and also the child of a state child abuse and neglect caseworker.)

And the so-called sex-positive community, of which I am still ostensibly part of, can go fuck itself if it's going to not only harbor these apologists, but put them in places of honor and fawn over their words like they're a brave warrior speaking truth to power rather than just another tool of the status quo shielding abusers and exploiters because some they shield are good friends who make pretty pictures and others are artistic idols who make movies they like. I'm done.


Yes, a lot of my relative lack of anxiety as a parent comes from prior professional experience :) (I was just a teacher's aide, fwiw.)
As a crossword person, I find that nickname to be one of the most adorable things I've ever heard in my life.
<3. Thank you for this.