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reading tiger

Reading Wednesday: Back on the Horse!

Les Mis progress:

401 / 755 (53.11%)

Marius has accidentally reunited our cast at last! He is inexplicably terrified of Inspector Javert after his interview at the police station. We, the readers, tremble with anticipation as to what will happen next. How will Jean Valjean make his miraculous escape this time, with Javert bearing down on one side, the conniving Jondrettes and their criminal associates on the other? And poor besotted Marius in the middle, along with the poor Jondrette children. One of whom, of course, is already in love with him, and already aware that her love is doomed to be unrequited because Marius is a sucker for a pretty blonde face.

I am going to want to slap the librettist of the musical for reducing the Marius situation to a tediously typical love triangle, aren't I?