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reading tiger

My Sucky Valentine post-mortem, and another post-mortem

The audience was small last night -- apparently we were up against RADAR *and* a Cleis reading -- but the company was delightful. I did not do my threatened sing-along because I couldn't bear to put people on the spot that way, and really, the bigger the audience the better the sing-along.

I am also afraid that I broke the news of Captain and Tenille's pending divorce to several people. That's me, bringing the heartbreak.

Went out for really delicious Thai food in the Tenderloin afterward, made it back to the East Bay after midnight. I'm a little fried this morning as a result.

This morning on the school playground, the kids found a dead mole. Much excitement ensued. I stood guard so that children wouldn't manhandle the corpse and would "observe with their eyes only, please." It was in very good condition except for the ants. My kids in particular were very scientific about their observations, noting the big claws for digging and the big nose and the tiny eyes.

Simone walked into the classroom singing "It's a Dead Mole After All" to the tune of, well, you know. That's my kid.


It's a Dead Mole After All