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reading tiger

In Other News

1. A nice man carrying a cute toddler accidentally walked in my front door the other day. He was looking for the office of the school next door. When he realized his mistake he apologized profusely and remarked, "Well, it did look sort of like a school..." I can't argue with that, buddy.

2. We spotted crayfish in the (drained) pond at the foot of the Mills playground. Twice. One regular-sized mudbug and one tiny one the next day. Now the mud they were happily hiding in has been cleaned out and the crayfish are gone, but the kids keep checking just in case.

3. Rain! Also: managing umbrellas on the bus is a pain.

4. I am performing at My Sucky Valentine at the Center for Sex and Culture on February 13, Valentine's Day Eve. Details to follow soon.