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reading tiger

In other news

I still really need a job. Keep those leads rolling.


Do you (or G) have experience with logistics, carpentry, art handling, etc.?
I don't, really; G. might have logistics.
Have you checked Kaiser Permanente, for jobs at the Oakland hospital?

G. might want to check Kaiser in Oakland and the new San Leandro hospital, which will not be easily accessible by public unless they're running shuttles from BART - which they might do, because they run shuttles from MacArthur BART to the Oakland hospital.
I am applying like whoah to Kaiser -- they have three or four "communications specialist" positions open at the moment that I could do. Hopefully they will holler soon.
Oh, excellent! I worked for Kaiser's Northern CA Real Estate Dept. for six years in the 90s. It was a pretty good place to work, with excellent benefits and a fair salary.