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reading tiger

Lest I sound all doom and gloom here, rest assured that most of the doom is in the job-hunting department. I have been cooking delicious food (last night: oyster mushroom stir-fry with chicken. Sometime this week: long-cooked beef shank sauce over polenta). I have been enjoying time with the kids (paper airplanes a go go yesterday; a trip to the main library tomorrow). I have been watching sports (sorry, Niner fans). I have been having people over for good company and planning on more company. I have been rearranging the house, putting things in bins and boxes, swapping shelves and dressers. I met with a mediator and have a rough divorce timeline and interim agreements in place.

There are chickens in the yard next door who like to escape and fill the morning with the sounds of their antics. I am working on my side hustle(s). G. is cooking breakfast on weekend mornings and we are singing in the car together. The kids are having a growth spurt and I just replaced half their pajamas; they will need new shoes soon. The Christmas decorations are back in the basement and the kids are anxious to start making valentines for everyone. Everyone. You too.


Ilike and am glad for this.