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reading tiger

on zombies.

Just this morning I read a comment elsewhere about how LJ had died a few years back.

Dead as a doornail! Or perhaps that should be coffin's nail, a la Dickens? (I proved to my children the hard way that they were not ready to have "A Christmas Carol" read to them this year. That's about as far as we got.)

I guess that makes me a zombie? ZOMBIE JOURNAL. (No, not Deadjournal. Zombie Journal. Undead, undead, undead.

I think that I might be a little punchy this New Year's Eve.

Anyway, I plan on continuing to hang out here and chronicling my painstaking pasting-back-together of a semblance of my life over the next year or so. Do stick around and enjoy the show!


What happens, I think, is that somebody loses their connection to a social media site, and then declares the place dead overall. People who say thingas like "Why do you even have a livejournal when the action is all at tumblr?"

I like a lot of things about it. One of the things I like about it is that it is not tumblr or facebook, both of whioch are not what I want.
Yes, a failure to distinguish "dead to me" versus "dead, period." I also suspect this person left during the denial-of-service attacks (that's what they were, right?) and may have presumed that the site never recovered. Well, it was never the same, but it's not dead.

I enjoy Facebook, relatively speaking, but I put up different sorts of content there.

And I enjoy following other people's Tumblrs, but...eh, maybe if I were more visually inclined. Or had a specific project, since those tend to be the kind of Tumblrs I follow as well.

Also I am old enough now to really not care much about "where the action is."
I still love LJ with a blinding passion!

Will 2014 be the year we finally meet in person (assuming we haven't? My memory is like unto Swiss cheese.)? STAY TUNED
I have an LJ, and a tumblr, and a g+, and spend a lot of time on twitter, and use them all for different things. I haven't found anything that replaces what I use LJ for, even with fewer people around. (And frankly, I still have the go-to-next-page-of-friends and have three posts I just read at the top because of frequent updates.)

Lj is also the only one I ever feel guilty about not updating.
LJ is dead! Long live LJ!

I have really enjoyed writing on here again after a long absence.