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reading tiger

2013 in Review

The good and the bad, in no particular order.

1. My 20-year marriage falls apart in sudden and spectacular fashion thanks to lies and finances and lies about finances. I am now facing...a lot of challenges, she said with Anglo-Saxon understatement.

2. My friend and former co-worker Sparkly Devil is killed in a car accident at the end of May.

3. Our cat Fritzi dies in the fall.

4. Kids graduate from their beloved local preschool and start Kindergarten at Mills.

5. I publish a (small) book, The XY Conspiracy, as well as stories in Serving Him and Twice the Pleasure, and an essay in Best Sex Writing 2013. And some poetry in Troubling the Line.

6. My children's fairy godmother, Fran, comes to visit the Bay Area. There is an adorable kitten, glitter, and beignets.

7. I attend my 25th high school reunion, which mostly means a vacation to my hometown, just me and the kids. We feed giraffes. Ducks nibble my toes.

8. I go to the Santa Cruz beach and boardwalk for the first time for a joint birthday celebration with G. Sand everywhere, hard hotel beds, best pho ever.

9. April walks 34 laps in her school's first-ever Walkathon. That's eight-and-a-half miles. We're still kind of stunned.

10. Your memory here.


BABY ducks nibble my toes.