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reading tiger

Also, a brief divorce FAQ:

What about G.?

G. is still in the picture. If I say more I will turn into a sappy mess of love and gratitude -- he is my rock right now.

What are your plans?

To become financially independent. Therefore, my main energies are going into the job hunt right now.

If you want more specifics, talk to me privately or in person.

How are the children doing?

They miss Uncle Bear Daddy, and Simone especially is sad a lot and cried at school on Friday. But they are doing fairly well overall, considering. Our priority right now is their stability.

How are you doing?

Surprise! I have a lot of physical stress and anxiety-related symptoms right now like loss of appetite, insomnia, racing heartbeat, shakiness, and tightness in the chest. And I feel like I cannot trust the story of my last, oh, 25 years any more, because who knows what parts of it are really true? But also, I feel strangely relieved. Lightened, even.

And, thanks to the outpouring of job leads and well-wishes and general assistance from people, I feel very loved and supported. Thanks, people. And please stay the course with me through the next few months. I'm going to need to lean on you, even if it's just for those hugs.


Are you staying in your house?
I don't know yet. I will say that G. and I likely can't afford to pay the rent on the apartment on our own even if I find a job -- we need to move, find a roommate, something.
I'm sorry you and the kids are going through this. best of luck to you. *hugs*
i'm really sorry. sending you my heartfelt wishes for the best outcomes possible. i'll try to get more specific in the near future.
Very sorry to hear that things are tough, and my best wishes to all.