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reading tiger

Tentative Divorce Wish List

OK, here is my tentative divorce wish list. Some of you have already offered your help for some of these; I probably haven't been able to reply personally, but I will, and thank you thank you thank you.

Wish list:

* Dinners.

* Company. Come over and hang out with the kids while we job-hunt?

* Free child care.

* A job for me.

* A new job for G.

* Moving boxes.

* Plastic storage containers of various sizes.

* Help sorting, donating and selling excess stuff in our house. (My stuff, not Steven's stuff, fyi.)

I think that's it for now. I will keep this updated as needed. For those who have asked, yes, cash may be helpful down the line when we've figured out our longer-term plans (especially our housing), but right now we're broke but not in the hole. If I need it I'll probably put up an indiegogo-style plea for convenience's sake.

I have an appointment with a tax lawyer. I am working on getting a mediator for the divorce. I have lots of love from friends and relatives. I will keep you all posted on how things are going over here. One day at a time.


Hey dear- I know a good mediator who is also queer, etc. Possibly you have his info but if you need it email me. XO