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reading tiger

Why I Am Getting A Divorce

Steven lied to me about finances. Specifically, he said we had a tax lawyer when we didn't, and he kept the pretense up for more than a year. I found out the truth Monday.

So yes, this was sudden and unexpected and stuff is happening very fast. I am not in immediate financial jeopardy but I am in crisis. I will need help. I am working on what to ask for (besides job leads). Hugs, dinner, company, and free child care are probably tops on the list right now.


Ouch! Hugs, and good thoughts from far away.

Edited at 2013-12-11 07:40 pm (UTC)
Distant hugs and strength during stressful times.
I love you. <3
i...wish i didn't know what it feels like to know that someone lied to you for a long time. but i do and it sucks and i wish it hadn't happened to you. and i wish i was nearer to provide at least some of the things you need.

*remote hugs*
I am so sorry you and your family are going through this.
Not sure where you're at around the lake, but I would have sworn I saw G coming out of an apartment building on the east shore a few days ago.

Point being, I think I'm local to y'all, being on the east shore, just a block up from Lakeshore. I'm pretty much no good by myself for childcare (and you might not want to hand 'em off to a near stranger anyways) but I can be around for dinner and hugs and company if you want it.
Dinner and company and hugs are very much welcome. We're just up the hill from the Grand Lake Theater, so you're definitely local.
Hey my dear: here is an internet hug for now-- and I hope to give you a real one soon. xoxo