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reading tiger

Job Hunt.

I need a job. Sooner rather than later. I need a job that can pay my rent and buy groceries for my kids. I am open to a whole lot of stuff.

My most recent office job was as a Senior Editor at FriendFinder Networks. I've done lots of editorial work for both print and the Web.

I have also done publicity, marketing/copywriting, social media writing, some events management, and tons of administrative stuff.

I've managed budgets and negotiated print contracts. I've managed interns and freelance contributors.

My writing portfolio includes sports, fashion, health/fitness/nutrition and parenting work as well as LGBT and sexuality topics.

I suck at sales. I am not a technical writer.

I have a resume if you want to see it.

I welcome all leads. Thanks, folks.


possible job-hunt resource

Hi--I don't have a direct job lead for you, but I thought it might be worth mentioning a possible resource:

copperbadge (on both LiveJournal and dreamwidth), posts weekly PSAs on his blog, and he recently had an "online job fair" (November 20th). He's fannish and queer-friendly and a writer (lots of fanworks and several self-published novels). He's generally pretty clueful, and his blog readership is around 3000 people. Here are a couple of links for you to check out if you'd like know more:

His most recent "Radio Free Monday" PSA blog post: http://copperbadge.livejournal.com/3676746.html

Info about requesting inclusion in one of his PSA blog posts: http://copperbadge.dreamwidth.org/418155.html

His Nov 20 online job fair: http://copperbadge.livejournal.com/3671649.html
(Disclaimer: I haven't read the 200+ comments to get an idea of how many are job-seeking vs. job-offering.)

I breathe good wishes through my heart and send them out to you and everyone affected by this sad change in your circumstances. May you find all that you need. And may there be at least some silver linings.

Re: possible job-hunt resource

Thank you.