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Field Trip Update

The kid actually lost four teeth, all from his bottom jaw. But he returned to school the next day (!!!) as bouncy as ever. Also, the Tooth Fairy gave him six dollars! (I don't understand the math here, but that's OK.)

Cold Weather Update

I am officially a naturalized Californian: I have lost all my cold tolerance.

The kids have been introduced to hot chocolate with marshmallows.

Winter Holidays Update

Lights are up. Tree is coming. Trying to figure out what to eat for Christmas dinner. Fielded the first "someone at school told me Santa isn't real!" conversation. These being my kids, they handled it on their own: "We told him yes he is!" I said nothing until we got to "I know because I saw him at the Oakland Zoo!" at which point I redirected to a discussion of Santa's Helpers. (As a reminder: My great-grandfather was a Santa's Helper, a.k.a. the Coca-Cola Santa. So it's official lore.)

School Update

I am supposed to go to the kids' Kindergarten class in two weeks and talk about our family and what makes us special. A-heh-heh-heh.


Poor cold tolerance not the sign of being a Californian. Californians are the ones wandering around in shorts and flipflops and t shirts all winter. I find that the people with the least cold tolerance around here are people who grew up someplace actually cold and moved here. They're even worse than the people from Southern California.

I have a theory that what happens is your visual inofrmation is that it's spring out there, so your body doesn't adjust to its cold-weather state.

Of course this all breaks down when you point out that you've been here for a while, so shouldn't this have happened earlier rather than later?

I don't know.
My cold tolerance is screwed up this year too, which is disappointing because I could always depend on it before.