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reading tiger

Notes from a more-exciting-than-usual field trip

1. Rain boots have no insulation. Usually, this isn't an issue in the Bay Area. Today, it was. Poor April was almost crying from the cold by the end of the first half of our field trip to plant trees up near Chabot.

2. Planting trees is way more fun than I would have expected.

3. The kids found a stash of cow bones after they were done digging holes. Major fun ensued. The ranger explaining where the bones came from and why they couldn't be removed from the site was also a highlight.

4. G. brought soup in a thermos for our lunch. He is the cleverest one ever.

5. One of the kids' classmates had a major playground accident near the end of the day -- lost a (baby) tooth when he tripped and fell against a metal piece of equipment. He was one of the kids in our car and also the child of parents I am growing fond of -- the ones who gave the twins Free to Be You and Me for their birthday. He will be OK but I am sad for him.