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reading tiger

Wednesday Reading Thing

Les Mis progress:

235 / 755 (31.13%)

Cosette has been retrieved, Javert is pursuing Jean Valjean through the moonlit streets of Paris.

In case anyone's curious and/or under the impression that I read Nothing Else But French Novels all day long, I've been reading other things as well, but they're mostly research (fiction and nonfiction). Or magazines.

And, of course, I read Waiting for Godot about three times over last week. It only takes an hour (or less) cover-to-cover, so. It did occur to me as I pored over the text that this might be the "book" I have read most often in my life. By far, in fact; in general, I'm not a big re-reader. Oddly, the runner-up may be "A Midsummer NIght's Dream" of all things. Now nobody will believe me when I say I'm not all that interested in drama. I mean the on-stage kind, jokesters. Of course, it might not be entirely true -- I did do stage crew and such (and endlessly researched costumes and makeup as a tween) and duly considered a theater tech career. These days it looks like a missed opportunity indeed, but I'm not so fond of hanging lights or other precarious up-in-the-air activities. Lack of depth perception plus vertigo, dontcha know.

There. There's something you all didn't know about me, I bet.