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reading tiger

My Two Cents On The Issues Of The Day

1. Goldieblox didn't even ask permission for the song first? They didn't even bother to send a letter or pick up the phone? That's not cool. And I'm not just saying that because of Sainted Adam Yauch or anything.

1a. Also, their understanding of copyright law as pertains to songs (rather than, say, books or other purely text-based media) is pretty crap.

1b. So, apparently, is the EFF's.

2. Holding your kid back a year from Kindergarten ("redshirting") because you hope that they will be a "leader" among their peers someday is odious. Full stop.

3. I use a period at the end of my text messages. Deal.


My kid isn't going to kindergarten till he's ten, and then only after five years of Brazilian jiujitsu!
You mean you're not going to homeschool him and enroll him in six hours a day of enrichment activities designed to ghive him a competitive edge in getting accepted to Ivy League colleges and the MBA program du jour?

What kind of parent are you?
My favorite!
(sarcasm off)

Me too, actually. 2nd generation.
Let's just turn Lori's LJ into the "Communist Parenting Circle" & have done with it.
That's fine by me!
Mine are all grown up, though. Sort of waiting on the grandparent deal, sometime.