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reading tiger

we are here, we are here, we are here!

This is just a short note to say "I'm still here." I'm not abandoning LJ and I have been reading you all steadily. It's just been boring and/or busy here for a bit. Some of what's been up:

[personal profile] imnotandrei has been on the job hunt again. I think it's concluded. Job hunt also means major money stress, and that will be concluded a little later.

I've been on the job hunt. And the gig hunt.

I've been on deadline a lot. Nothing too interesting unless you really like reading The Children's Advocate in which case I can chew your ear off about gun control legislation in California and the Common Core curriculum standards for Kindergarten and such. I like these folks, though.

April's home sick today. Not that you'd know it. But she had a low fever and a headache this morning, so we played it safe.

I've been cooking lots of delicious food. Gearing up for Thanksgivvukah! No, I will not be deep-frying a turkey.

Kids' birthday parties galore.

Plus, lots of sports, since it is now college football *and* basketball season. And soccer, too.

I think that sketches the shape of it.