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reading tiger

Reading Wednesday

Les Mis progress:

99 / 755 (13.11%)

And we have met all three famous characters! And the Bishop who occupied the entire first book (32 pages, in this edition) has died.

I took a short detour to re-read a couple stories in Dangerous Visions thanks to a post at Marooned Off Vesta that appeared the other day and that makes some lovely points about The New Wave and sex in science fiction and stuff like that. Go on and read the post and come back so you can understand me when I say: yes, I am a glutton for punishment. My excuse is that it's for research and I am now trying to figure out how to pour decades' worth of repressed fury at a certain story or two into a properly-shaped vessel. Thank you, Harlan, for pissing me off anew about the word "soothsayer," too, that's also going to be handy in a moment or two.