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mom tattoo

OK, the girls-only birthday party turned out to be loads of fun. The kids went dressed in the color of their favorite fruit, as requested; blue for blueberries for Simone, red for strawberries for April. They played a "guess the fruit by smell and taste" blindfold game, and ate fruit kabobs and raspberry ice cream and strawberry shortcake and banana birthday cake, and played board games and rode tricycles in the driveway.

The house was a tiny little house on the back half of a shared lot, and the garage had been turned into half a studio for an adult, half a playroom for a kid. Not a lot of yard space, but a nice spot on top of the garage for a container garden.

And I liked the adults. We're all a strange little bunch at Mills. I like it that way.

And I came home with a bag of fruit, because I am That Scavenging Parent and we will go through it in the next three days no sweat.