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reading tiger

RIP Carlos Batts

I never met Carlos Batts, but I followed his career closely, from the beginning -- I was moving out of the porn (reviewing) world at about the time he was rising to prominence, which is one of the reasons we never really met or interacted, as I transitioned into being a civilian fan. I swear I saw and may still have one of his early films, a very arty porn-SF joint, but I can't find any record of it online and my archives are pretty buried at the moment.

Carlos Batts became most famous as the husband-director-photographer of the incredible plus-sized erotic entertainer April Flores, whom I have also never met but only barely; we are one person apart in more than a dozen directions, for reasons which should be obvious. Their collaboration was (and will remain) something special. I liked Batts as a director but I loved him as a photographer. He and Flores had just released the coffee table book Fat Girl, showcasing the fruits of their 13-year relationship.

I loved his punk-queer-art sensibility. He was one of the very few people who made sexually explicit media that looked right to my aesthetic eye. Not "good enough," but bullseye.

And from all reports, he also seemed like a genuinely nice guy. As in, I hear lots of gossip and yet I never heard anything but nice words about him.

I will miss him in the world.