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reading tiger

Wednesday Reading, Western Ceremonial Magic Digression Edition

Last night I finished Love is the Law. nihilistic_kid, I will go drop an Amazon review shortly. In the meantime, here is my personal impression not-review.

Loved it.

Whether or not this has to do with the fact that I might have been a punk-ish Trotsky-leaning Marxist pagan in 1989 is totally irrelevant here. (Hey, I was nowhere near Long Island...)(...but I didn't know how to drive and therefore walked everywhere, just like Dawn.)(etc.)

What I loved about Love is the Law:

* Girlpunk point-of-view character.
* She is not perfect and flawless (goodbye Nancy Drew...).
* She is not saddled with a Tragic Origin.
* She is saddled with a complicated family.
* Amaranth is tasty stuff.
* The spot-on critical yet affectionate take on both politics and magic(k).
* It's really funny without being fluffy.

I eagerly await Nick's sequel, sure to be a takedown/send-up of "Orange is the New Black." (spoiler alert, I suppose.)

In a related note, I think Western Ceremonial magicians (non-Thelema division) must be the stupidest blocks of wood on the planet. I read one yesterday earnestly asking if and how he should contact an entity that had caught his interest lately as he (he, of course he, he) dabbled in culturally appropriating a non-Western esoteric tradition.

That entity was Marinette. The most neutral discussion of her I found is here. The very short version is that Marinette was one of the spiritual leaders who kicked off the Haitian revolution, and who was later burned alive for her troubles.

The other succinct way of putting this is that Marinette is associated with Anima Sola, the Catholic image of the woman chained in Purgatory, wreathed in flames. Anyone familiar with Latin American magical traditions (or, apparently, southern Italian (Neapolitan) ones, but their regional influence is smaller 'round these parts) should now be hooting in their chair.

IOW, "I keep thinking about putting my tongue in the light socket. How should I go about this properly, ceremonially speaking?"

Whether you believe the light socket is real or not, it's still not the brightest idea, if you catch my drift.

Next up readingwise, I'm not sure. I was all set to tackle Les Miserables, but I can't find my copy. How do you misplace a chunk of book like that? If I find it in the next 24 hours or so, I'll read that. Or I might give up and find something new.