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weekend update, Walkathon edition

Meanwhile, April completed 34 laps in her school's walk-a-thon on Saturday. Thirty-four quarter-mile laps. 34. She ran the first 13, took a break for snacks and face-painting and a session in the bouncy house, and then took the next 21 at a slightly more leisurely pace.

She quit because she was hungry for lunch. We told her that she kinda sorta earned the right to eat anywhere she damn well pleased, and she chose Homeroom and macaroni and cheese (although Holy Land and french fries were a close runner-up). Believe it or not, she didn't finish her entire bowl. I do not know where she is getting the energy for these exertions. It is a mystery for the ages.

This morning she said her legs were sore but no kidding. Otherwise, she seems none the worse for wear.

We are honestly kind of stunned. And thinking about the future. I think I see a 5K on the horizon.



how old is she. I was in the Army and ran a lot. Her pain will subside soon enough. It's always good that she is exercising its better then her being a couch potato. well Take care have a good week
I think kids can suck the energy out of their parents like Star Trek monsters. Hey, it makes sense - you're tired, right?
Max just finished his first 5K. 1 hour 36 minutes.
There was a lot of stopping and looking at things.
A 5K on the horizon? Dude, those first 13 laps she ran were 5230 meters. She's already run a 5K.
Yes, but not officially and with intent.