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reading tiger


1) Doctor says I am healing up nicely. Got a flu shot for my troubles, too.

2) Worried about the AC Transit strike. I have also taken to sitting near the driver so that I don't have to listen to men (always men) bloviate about how they shouldn't be allowed to strike in the first place.

3) I was invited to buy drugs from a passing car yesterday for the first time ever, unless I perhaps misheard previous solicitations as sexual harassment (also fairly rare for me to encounter, so I doubt it).

4) I was once again nominated "least likely to have a tramp stamp" at a coffee date with parents today. What can I say, except "I'm not sure a grinning skull plus Latin motto is what most people have in mind when they use that term." Also, a new interpretation of the XXX tattoo on my left wrist: my companion thought it was a thirty-year commemorative mark.


I'm pretty sure I've seen it and ashamed that I don't remember.

I'll dig up a picture of my tramp stamp shortly.
What does the XXX actually mean?

There's an OOO on the other wrist.