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reading tiger

I'm still alive! I'm still reading!

I was in deadlinelandia all last week, up until I went to bed last night. And today I spent mostly on public transit, getting to and from my biannual mammogram despite follies involving the fact that there are four facilities that take appointments, and they're not all next to each other, and the one I went to last time is not the one I was scheduled into this time, and no I cannot just drive up Telegraph to the "correct" facility because I do not have a car.

This isn't even mentioning the fact that the building has three separate entrances, but you can't get from one to the other. You have to exit the building and go around.

I think I also left the clinic through the "In: door. I blame my mind being addled by too many butterflies and flowers. Once again I am daydreaming of a Butch Breast Center that isn't quite so relentlessly feminine in a sort of infantilizing way. This is not helped by the way folks talk to the many senior and non-native-speakers-of-English patients that were waiting for their chance to get their tit almost literally caught in a wringer.

The technician gets a gold star, though. Anyway.

So! Because I was on deadline, I did almost no outside reading and have nothing exciting to report. Instead you get this entry. Enjoy!


Well, that sounds dreadful. Hope it's all over & good news.
Actually it wasn't dreadful, just sort of absurd. I mean, they did manage fit me in despite the fact that I was sitting in the wrong office and all, and they also pinpointed the problem quickly. Plus I had no other responsibilities for the day and lots of time to kill.

Still, I will always, always snark about The Butterfly Room.