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reading tiger

Twins Birthday Weekend Update in Pictures

Today is the twins' 5th birthday.


We had a fun (and huge!) backyard kitty/superhero birthday party on Sunday to celebrate.


There are still sequins embedded in the dirt beneath the crafts table.


On Saturday, April ran the Mini Muddy Buddy with G. Simone and I watched.


G. says that she was the first kid to cross the finish line who actually completed all the obstacles.

The Muddy Buddy was run in honor of Sparkly Devil, R.I.P. Thus all the horns and glitter.


I haven't had so much weekend fun in a while. I expected to be fried. But instead I am tired and glowing.


That looks like it was a blast!
So awesome!
But did you dance, dance, dance, dance?
After battling a dying laptop to finish and transfer my playlist, I forgot to play it and Simone didn't ask. "Kitty Freeze Dance" will just have to happen some other time.
G. and April look so great. Looks like a fabulous weekend!
Looks like a wonderful time was had by all. Yay!