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reading tiger

Unrelated Items

1. I am on the slate for a Litquake reading at Good Vibrations sometime soon. I had been planning on writing something new for it, but everything that leaps to mind is, shall we say, very inappropriate (not mildly, very) for an event set in a fluffybunny sex toy shop. Apparently I want to burn a bridge or two. Or something. But definitely not in the headspace for "sex is fun because it feels good! Whee! Now let's accessorize!", at any rate. I will therefore probably read something from the vaults instead and aim for that "mildly" zone.

2. The bus ride to school today was, as far as the kids were concerned, a nonstop party. Three different kid companions in a row to entertain them. Then we walked "the back way" up through the Mills campus to school, along with the third companion, through tall "tiger" grass and with a stop for some swings on a rope -- and ended up a few minutes late. Oops.