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reading tiger

April Walks the Walkathon

Mills College Children's School is having their first-ever Walkathon fundraiser on October 19. They're raising money to support the school's various science and technology projects.

Participants walk laps around Holmgren Meadow at Mills, which I am told is about 1/4 of a mile total.

I'm going to enter my champion walker/runner, April, in the walkathon. Daddy and Simone will walk by her side. How many laps do you think she can walk? Remember, this is the kid who did two full laps of the Piedmont track at a jog.

Want to pledge a per-lap donation and find out? You can pledge a dollar, fifty cents, five dollars, ten dollars, whatever you like. (You can also make a flat donation if you'd prefer.)

If you're interested in pledging, drop me a line one way or the other and we'll work out the details. I have a handy link where you can pay directly and all that fun stuff. And if you want to come watch, feel welcome. And if you're not local, there might be video...