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mom tattoo

Where are my bon bons?

I thought stay-at-home parents with kids in school were supposed to sit on the couch and eat bonbons all day or something. Not on days like today.

Item Number One: I had a meeting with the school director. The school director started by saying "I saw the e-mail that was sent out scheduling this meeting, and I told W., you can't say "issues" and you can't say "discuss," you'll panic somebody! Call it a check-in and remind everyone I do this with every family in the first few weeks of school."

And she was right; I'd been battling with the panicky anti-authority portion of my brain for two days prior to this meeting.

Also, she bought me lunch because she'd forgotten hers and needed to run to the cafeteria. We had an informal and impromptu lunch meeting walking to the student union and then sitting in the shade outside. There wasn't much to discuss, so we ended up chatting about our families and how she ended up at Mills and stuff like that.

As an aside, guess who was tabling at the student union? The Spartacists! All three of them.

Item Number Two: After school I took the kids to a trial Little Ninjas class at Pitts Martial Arts Academy. Thumbs up for Kenneth Pitts. The class was vigorous, fast-paced, and still, April ran a self-appointed obstacle course around the gym for a half hour afterwards. I am not exaggerating. A half hour. At least she had the grace to be too tired to run home.

Somewhere in there we had a bookstore visit, ice cream, a quesadilla snack. And a cop car on my block again when I got home.

I'm a little tired now.