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reading tiger

Notes Toward a Weekend Update

1. imnotandrei's birthday, celebrated in traditional style, with brownies and board games and suchlike. Also, this year, bagels. And we snuck out for dim sum in the morning as well.

2. Customer at Beauty's Bagels trying to order two dozen bagels at noonish makes me wonder when we stopped calling them "yuppies" and started calling them "hipsters" and why we don't just stick with "entitled pricks." I am actually trying to let go of the lazy tendency to attack the ill-defined "hipster" as the root of all ills, especially in regards to gentrification issues. Also I don't think the dudebros of tech are properly considered hipsters any more. Anyway.

3. Kids will eat leftover gai lan in their lunchboxes. WIN.

4. Simone had a play date with her special friend; April coped with being left behind admirably.

5. Homemade fish and chips on Sunday. I am out of peanut oil but it was for a tasty, tasty cause.

6. Lots of good company all weekend. It made me smile.


Heh, I was just talking with a friend about how my ongoing use of "yuppies" clearly dates me. I think I'll go with "entitled pricks" from now on.

Happy late birthday, imnotandrei!
Yuppies work in the Financial District. Hipsters take the Google Bus down to Mountain View.
That came out a bit too glib.

To me, Yuppies have always been about the money, about doing whatever it takes to live the good life. Think Patrick Batemen in American Psycho.

Hipsters, on the other hand, derive their entitlement from their supposed relationship to culture. The one thing almost everyone agrees is the mark of the hipster is, "I was into <FILL IN THE BLANK> before it was cool."

Yuppies work; it's in the name: Young Urban Professionals. Hipsters are about what happens away from work. Hipsters are flâneurs, conspicuous about how they take their leisure, like the infamous photo of the young man listening to a vinyl LP on a portable turntable through headphones at a sidewalk table at a tavern. The platonic hipster isn't a professional at all, but rather lives on a trust fund.