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reading tiger

That was a day.

The day started with a very smooth morning routine and arriving at the bus stop almost 10 minutes early...only to wait a half hour for the bus. Once again we arrived late to school, but at least we weren't the only ones; several families were waiting for that particular bus. Also, I got a ride home from a neighbor who drove by us on her way to school; she would have gladly given us a ride to school except, well, no car seats plus she drives a four-seater and has two kids herself.

She gave me a ride to pick the kids up, too. Her toddler son has kinda fallen in love with me, or at least we're flirting hard. I think you'll be hearing more about her soon.

After school, we had ice cream at Loard's and then took the bus home. The bus took a detour on the highway because of "police activity", so we arrived extra early for the kids' double haircut appointment at Slick & Dapper, my neighborhood queer-friendly barbershop (that explicitly offers children's cuts!).

After a delightful time there, complete with candy and mustaches-on-a-stick, we started walking home and passed the Day of the Dead Cafe's going-out-of-business sidewalk sale. They were selling off all of their DotD-inspired decor. Also their vintage sign collection if anyone's interested. We might have bought an item or two.

With no bus in sight and the sun bearing down, we decided to walk up the hill toward home. On our way we passed the Pitts Martial Arts Academy's new location on Santa Clara. The Academy has a bunch of capoeira instruments in their front window, and every time we pass the kids must stop and admire them. (They've been attending classes at Capoeira Angola for about a year now.) Today they were waved in and got a chance to meet Kenneth Pitts himself --and I got a chance to watch him interact with them. I'm favorably impressed so far.

April spent the time we were there in perpetual motion from mat to dumbbells to drums to exercise bike to mat and all over again. If I had any doubt that she's a little athlete in the making, this probably dispelled it. I also got to see Simone play the berimbau and sing some songs -- I'm not the one who takes them to capoeira class so this was a first for me.

And then we made it home! And I drank a lot of water. Oh, somewhere in there I turned in my galleys and comments on the cover design of my book. I plan on doing mostly nothing for the rest of the day.


What a day!

There is better ice cream than Loard's on Fruitvale just up from MacArthur at Flavor Brigade. Strauss dairy in the ice cream, some unusual flavors (a really excellent nonsoapy lavender the other week, for example). We're trying to talk them into corn ice cream and horchata ice cream.

They have custard, ice cream, and Italian water ices. They are also really nice people.

But, see, they're not directly across from the Mills back gate, and therefore supremely convenient when you're waiting for the bus.

Oh, you weren't at the Loard's at MacArthur & Coolidge! My bad.
Slick and Dapper sounds amazing
Cafe going away what?!?! oh no!!!!!!
Twins and capoeira!!! omg the cute!
book - galleys - ahhhhh so exciting.

i can't believe this post full of so much yay was here for 4 days before i saw it.
The day was full of yay! But also exhausting. Whew.