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mom tattoo

I Would Like To File a Formal Complaint.

This is really only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what's wrong this godawful story (thanks (er...) nihilistic_kid), but:

Mommies are always wrong, but we luvs them anyway. If only they would let us do exactly what we want to and always be available when we need them and if only they adored being ignored and condescended to as much as we hates it.


I thought it was an interesting perspective on being an Aspie kid at a con, both loving and hating aspects of it. Parents may be total fans, yet not understand that some aspects of a con don't work for an Aspie kid.
I thought it was plodding wish fulfillment. And those are my nice words.
The part where "they're not like the kids at school, they won't hit you if you talk too much about Star Wars" drove me up a wall. I talked incessantly about Star Wars when I was a kid, and what happened is that all the boys wanted to come over and play with my Star Wars figures and Millenium Falcon. Is this story taking place in some alternate universe where Star Wars wasn't tremendously popular?
So many wrong things. Iceberg.
You like the most popular thing in the world? Clearly you are an outcast!